1.  Q: How should I prepare for migration?

A: You should prepare for the following matters:

  • Choose your country for migration
  • Choose the type of your migration
  • Prepare for the cost of your migration
  • Prepare to fulfill the criteria required for your migration
  • Prepare for the accommodation for your migration
  • Prepare for your children’s future education

2.  Q: Any criteria for being a migration applicant?

A: Some migration programmes, such as business migration, employer nomination scheme, general skilled migration, etc, have more stringent requirements regarding the applicant’s personal background and conditions. The usual criteria are:

  • Business management background, usually a shareholder with certain percentage of shares
  • Professional title and certificate
  • Working experience in relevant enterprises, whether he/she is a top manager, which requires evidence to support
  • Personal professional achievements, awards and media coverage
  • A certain education level, profession matching
  • A certain level of proficiency in foreign language