The Bankruptcy Ordinance provides a legal framework to enable a debtor who is unable to repay his/her debts to file a bankruptcy petition against himself/herself with the court. The main objective of the bankruptcy legislation is: to collect and realise all the bankrupt’s assets and distribute them amongst his/her creditors; and to investigate the causes of insolvency and to punish the bankrupt if any breach of the bankruptcy provisions is involved. Bankruptcy could also help debtors who are under pressure for a prolonged period due to their debts and provides an alternative way for resolving their debt situation.


Our firm has handled over 5,000 cases of bankruptcy petition for our clients since 2002. We fully understand our clients’ needs and the difficulties they encounter. We can therefore provide comprehensive and full range of legal services and professional advice to our clients.


Our services include:

  1. Filing bankruptcy petition with the court on behalf of the debtor
  2. Filing bankruptcy petition with the court on behalf of a creditor against an individual
  3. Seeking the court’s consent for disposition of property by the bankrupt before or after he/she is adjudged bankrupt (Defrozen Order)
  4. Providing legal advice on bankruptcy related procedures