1.Q: Is it true that Hong Kong notaries public can only notarize documents issued in Hong Kong?

A: Unless specified by the country receiving the document, in general Hong Kong notaries public can notarize documents that are not issued in Hong Kong (except under special circumstances).

2.  Q: What is the scope of notarization services?

A: Common notarization services include but are not limited to notarizing the following documents: –

  • Identity documents (e.g. ID card, passport)
  • Proof of marital status (e.g. certificate of marriage, certificate of absence of marriage record)
  • Birth certificate, death certificate
  • Proof of kinship
  • Proof of transaction / transfer of property in the form of a gift
  • Notarized translations
  • Witnessing signature
  • Authorized engagement
  • Notice
  • Certificates
  • Company certificates (e.g. certificate of incorporation, certificate of change of name, business registration certificate)
  • Company search results (e.g. annual returns, articles of association)
  • Certified true copy of the original
  • Resolution of board of directors / shareholders
  • Financial guarantee
  • Documents in litigation matters
  • Apostille by the High Court and consulates
  • Signature / chop guarantee