China Notarization


As Hong Kong and Mainland China implement a different legal system, their notarization systems are different. After the implementation of the reform policy in Mainland China, there are considerable number of civil legal affairs involving Hong Kong and the Mainland. In light of that, the Chinese Ministry of Justice for the first time commissioned the first batch of Hong Kong lawyers in 1981 to help Hong Kong residents to apply for the use of notarized documents in the Mainland. This marked the beginning of China notarization service in Hong Kong.

The scope of notary public services in China includes: as long as the documents are used in Mainland China, whether they are used for personal or company affairs, they are within the scope of notarization.

Through the China notary services, Hong Kong residents are able to provide valid legal documents to Mainland organizations for the purpose of dealing with their marriage and family property affairs, without the need to personally go to the Mainland. Corporate clients can also seek investment opportunities in the Mainland, which facilitate the economic development and prosperity of Hong Kong and the Mainland.