Immigration Advisory Services


More and more people from Hong Kong and Mainland China are migrating to other countries or regions especially from the Mainland. As the Mainland market continues to open up, many Chinese businessmen would like to expand their businesses to overseas markets. However, when Mainland investors enter into international trade, they often face a serious problem in obtaining the necessary visas for entering the country. In light of that, our firm provides a one-stop immigration service to suit our clients’ needs. Our services include the handling of our client’s applications for right of abode, passports, visas, and investment immigration, etc.


At present, our firm provides immigration services on the following areas: –

Hong Kong

The United States

The United Kingdom

St. Kitts and Nevis Federation


New Zealand



The Philippines




Our firm will also assist clients to contact overseas professionals (such as overseas lawyers, patent firms, accounting firms, real estate intermediaries and investment companies) to provide information on overseas purchase of real estate, tourism, visiting relatives, inheritance, self-financed study, business start-up and follow-up services, etc. We also act as a bridge to assist clients in obtaining services including local legal advices, etc.